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Guided Fishing

Venice Louisiana Fishing 

Throughout the year, various migratory pelagic species and reef fish make their homes near the structures of oil rigs. The oil rigs become a habitat attracting an array of bait fish, which in turn lure in the predator species such as tuna, wahoo, and marlin. Closer in around the shallower rigs, one will find trophy red snapper, grouper, cobia, and amberjack. Many different species can be caught year around. 

We offer a variety of fishing options and will structure your Louisiana fishing charter to target whichever species you desire. Yellowfin tuna fishing is the star of the show here in Venice but we have many more species to catch as well.

Red Snapper

As one of the most-caught fish for commercial fishermen and outfitters across the United States, the red snapper is a prized food fish amongst many fishermen. Hanging around oil rigs here on the southern coast of the US, these red snappers provide a wonderful time for friends, family and colleagues to enjoy an afternoon of catching fish in the gulf.


Grouper have become probably the most popular saltwater food fish in the United States. Being one of the better tasting fish, most catches are over ten pounds, with some well over 100 pounds. These fish can be large, strong and provide a great battle. And at the end of the trip, they taste even better on the plate!


Very few inshore species can offer a big-fish thrill like the cobia. This stealthy scavenger is one of many found in the areas we fish here in Louisiana, with good numbers of fish, and many of these fish topping 50 pounds. Cobia can grow to over 100 pounds, but even an average-sized fish of 20-30 pounds will put up a battle for even the most skillful angler.


As a fish prevalent over offshore reefs and wrecks, amberjacks provide clients with an excellent opportunity in fighting a big fish when the other fish are reluctant to come out and play. Amberjacks are known to many as “the hard-fighting fish,” “the tough man’s fish” or “the sea donkey.” These fish are fun to hook into and can grow to well over 100 pounds and will put up a heck of a fight in the water – so much so that you had better have a group of guys ready to reel, as it may take some time bringing these fish on board!


A world-renowned sport fish, the wahoo is known for its high speed and intense fishing action. With an elongated body with a silvery and iridescent blue sheen, this prized fish not only puts up a great fight, but also is considered a delicacy and a very well-known fish to dine on. We find that most of the fish are large and fast movers of the sea, with recorded speeds of up to 60 m.p.h.

Typically, these fish are large and dangerously tough, with some recorded up to 8 feet long and over 185 pounds. The wahoo is definitely a fish to chase after if you are looking for a fight on the water!

Mahi Mahi

Swift and acrobatic game fish with phenomenally striking colors of iridescent greens and blues, as the mahi mahi becomes excited these colors rapidly change and tend to light up, bring the striking colors to life. With average weights of 15-30 pounds, these sport fish offer a magnitude of fun and excitement.

Definitely a fish to experience, the mahi mahi is also a wonderful trophy specimen.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin is often referred as ahi tuna, and is among the larger of the tuna species. Yellowfin tuna can reach over 400 pounds and can provide a battle for even the most seasoned fishing veteran.

Named after the bright yellow finlets on their tail, these large fish are frequent trophies on the Intensity Offshore Outfitters boat. Pound-for-pound, these fish are the fastest and strongest sport fish out there. If you are ready for an experience and challenge of a lifetime, check out Intensity Offshore Outfitters today!

The Midnight Lump

The Midnight Lump, also known as the Sackett Bank, is a mineral formation located about 20 miles off the Mississippi River Delta. This 2.9 square-mile area is an ideal feeding ground for big tuna and other species of fish. During many times of the year, you will find some of the best fishing in the world. From the surface, the Midnight Lump looks like open water but, on the ocean floor, there is an array of salt and mineral formations ideal for holding big fish.

Fishing The Midnight Lump

The gulf currents push bait fish up against the Lump and create an ideal feeding environment for giant tuna, wahoo, snapper and a variety of other species. GPS tracking has made fishing the lump much easier over the past five years. However, locating the site is one thing, fishing it properly is another. Changing currents and weather patterns make one section or side of the lump more productive and it takes an experienced captain and crew to find the fish. Captain Josh has been fishing around Sackett Bank for many years and has experience finding big fish in all conditions. Whether you are looking for big tuna or the excitement of catching a voracious mako shark, we will make your Midnight Lump fishing experience a success!