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Your Guide to Fisherman Clothing: Here’s What to Wear While Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the US, with more than 49 million people participating in freshwater and saltwater fishing last year.

And what could be better than getting outside in the fresh air and trying to land yourself a fish?

However, any fishing trip can be ruined if you are not comfortable in your clothing. There is nothing worse than spending a day in cold, wet clothes or getting badly sunburned. 

Not wearing the correct fisherman clothing can not only be hugely distracting to your fishing but can also risk your health and safety. 

So what should you wear on an offshore fishing trip?

Here at Intensity Offshore Outfitters, we’re happy to advise you. So read our guide to fisherman clothing to find out more. 

Fishing in Hot Weather

Temperatures can hit 100ºF in summer in Louisiana, and while it is usually a few degrees cooler offshore, it can still get pretty hot out there.

At Intensity Offshore Outfitters we want you to get the most enjoyment from your fishing trip. So making sure you are wearing the right clothes on your excursion in hot weather is really important to stay comfortable. 

So what are the main things you need your clothes to do when you are out on a fishing trip?

Dry Quickly

When you are offshore fishing, you may not be standing waist deep in the water like you would if you were fly fishing, but you are still going to get wet.

You will regularly get splashed with salt water over the side of the vessel. If you’re lucky there will be fish splashing about on deck, and it may even rain. 

Getting wet is part and parcel of going fishing, but you do not want to stay wet for the whole day. 

Taking a spare set of clothes in case you get really soaked is one idea. However, if you wear lightweight clothes with wicking properties, then splashes and showers will dry off you pretty quickly. 

Protect You From the Sun

If the weather is pretty hot, then wearing lightweight clothing is a must. Heavy sweat clothes will not only make you hot but get heavy when wet. 

It is tempting to strip off in hot weather, but this can be risky for sunburn and sunstroke. When you are offshore there can often be a nice sea breeze which can kid you into thinking the sun is not that hot. But don’t be fooled!

Covering up with lightweight shirts and shorts will keep you cool but also keep the sun off your skin and reduce the risk of burning.

Fishing in Cold Weather 

Temperatures in Louisiana can go down to 45ºF in winter, so you do need to think about cold weather clothing, even here in Venice. 

Whatever the weather, you should feel comfortable when you are fishing, so you can concentrate on reeling in the fish. So when it is colder out on the water, you should have clothes that keep you warm and dry.


Intensity Offshore Outfitters have a lot of experience of fishing in all weathers and recommend wearing multiple layers if the weather is cooler.

It can be really difficult to predict the temperature when you are offshore. So rather than trying to second guess what you need to wear, take plenty of layers. That way you can layer-up to keep warm and remove some layers when you get active and warm up.

Long sleeved underwear and base layers are useful to keep a layer of warm air against your body. 

Lightweight fleeces are also handy and do generally dry quite quickly. 


When you get wet in colder weather, it takes a lot longer to dry. If the weather is quite cold, you may not dry off at all. 

Therefore you might want to take a waterproof jacket and trousers, to ensure you stay dry. Lightweight waterproofs can sit on top of fleeces and base layers without making you feel too bulky.


When you are heading off on a fishing trip, as well as thinking about what to wear, you need to think about what to bring with you. 

There are a few accessories that will make your day more comfortable, whatever the weather.


Wearing sunscreen is very important when you are out fishing. Even if you are wearing protective clothing, the sun can still penetrate through to your skin. 

Intensity Offshore Outfitters suggest applying a layer of sunblock prior to heading out on the water and bringing extra with you so you can reapply.

Wearing waterproof sunscreen should prevent you from getting burnt, and keep your skin feeling more comfortable. 


Sunglasses are an important accessory on any fishing trip regardless of the temperature. 

Shades can protect your eyes from harmful UV from the sun, as well as helping you see better. It’s also worth getting a pair of polarized sunglasses that will reduce the glare from the water.


Wearing a hat on a fishing trip may seem a bit old school, but they serve a real purpose!

The majority of body heat is lost through your head. So in cold weather, a fleece hat or beanie will help keep you warm.

In summer a lightweight wide-brimmed hat will keep the sun off your head and help shade your face.

Food and Drink

Just as important as what to wear is what to bring. Food and drinks are allowed on board Intensity Offshore Outfitter’s charters and will help you stay energized and alert throughout your fishing trip.

And whether it’s a half day or a full day trip, Intensity Offshore Outfitters recommend that you come prepared and bring an ice chest and Ziploc bags to keep your catch fresh.

General Fisherman Clothing Tips

There are some general rules about clothing when heading off on a chartered fishing trip. Intensity Offshore Outfitters will be happy to advise you prior to your fishing excursion, but here are some more tips:

Keep it Clean

Fishing can be a messy business. Whether it’s fish products or grease from machinery, you should wear clothes that don’t stain and can be washed easily.


When you are fishing you will need to use various tools and pieces of kit. Making sure all your clothes have a few pockets will make life a lot easier.


It is recommended that you wear non-marking soled footwear aboard Intensity Offshore Outfitter charters. 

And don’t forget, when you are on board a fishing boat, you will get tipped about a bit. So wearing footwear with a good grip is really important. 

In hot weather sandals are great, and dry easily. You can also get free-draining footwear which is specially designed for fishing and boating.

Find Out More About Chartered Fishing Trips

Nothing should come between you and your enjoyment of fishing. If you wear the right clothing for the weather, you should feel comfortable all day.

Has all this talk of fisherman clothing has given you an appetite for a fishing trip?

Find out more about Intensity Offshore Outfitters chartered fishing trips and get in touch to book your place.