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What to Expect on a Chartered Deep Sea Fishing Trip

A deep sea fishing charter trip is one of the greatest ways to experience the thrill of the wide open waters and the epic life that lives there. Many of these deep sea creatures simply aren’t accessible from the shoreline. Inexperienced fishermen might never get a chance to experience “the moment of intensity” of catching a Venice swordfish or a Yellowfin tuna.

A deep sea fishing charter trip is a chance to try your reel against some of these mighty creatures of the deep with a trained crew. You’ll get a chance to see how it’s done and develop a taste for deep sea fishing. Especially when you sail with Captain Josh Bodenheimer, who always goes out of his way to make sure you’ll catch the mightiest fish.

To help whet your appetite for the call of the open sea, we’ve compiled a few things you may be able to expect on your chartered deep sea fishing trip. A lot of it will have to do with what you’re looking for. Make sure to leave room in your imagination for breathtaking miracles of nature, as well.

What To Expect On Your Deep Sea Fishing Charter Boat

Your charter boat experience will be largely contingent upon what goals you’re going after. Those looking for a relaxing day catching delicious fish might spend their day hanging around oil rigs angling for Red Snappers or Groupers.

Hardcore deep sea fishing enthusiasts will likely be going after big game and a thrilling battle. They might go into deeper waters looking for the majestic Mahi Mahi, for instance.

Either way, you’ll experience some breathtaking, inspiring nature and scenery as you pitch your wits against some of Louisiana’s mightiest sea life.

Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to when you board Captain Josh’s charter boat.

Boarding The Vessel

No matter what your inspiration may be for chartering a boat for deep sea fishing, your adventures will begin at the marina. You’ll walk down the pier, cross the gangplank, and board our 39′ ST Contender vessel.

The first thing you’ll need to do is stow your gear. Don’t leave your things rolling around on the deck. The water can get choppy and rough, at times.

Most deep sea charters will have some kind of trunk or chest for your belongings. This prevents them from washing away into the waves. It’s also safer, as loose items can be a safety hazard for the crew and your fellow passengers.

If you need a list of things to bring for your chartered deep sea fishing trip, here’s a useful list from

Next, you’ll need to sign the ship’s manifest. This helps the crew keep track of all of the ship’s passengers, so everybody is sure to be present and accounted for. You’ll want to introduce yourself to the crew, as well, so they know who you are.

You’ll be asked if you need a bag for your fish. If you’re planning on catching fish, you may need to rent one. It usually only costs a dollar or two.

Finally, you’ll be asked if you want to register for the jackpot. It usually only costs $5 to $10 dollars, which goes into a pool for who catches the largest fish. If you’re a seasoned angler, go ahead and try your luck!

“This Is Your Captain Speaking”

Much like a plane trip, the first thing you’ll experience when departing the marina is an announcement from the Captain. Make sure to pay attention. They’ll be giving you important information for both your safety and enjoyment.

Some Important Information To Listen For Includes:

  • Where to locate the safety equipment
  • The day’s itinerary
  • How to set up your fishing gear
  • Interesting information

You might not catch all of the information right at first. It’s okay, there’s a lot to take in. You can always ask a crew member if you have any questions or need additional clarification.

Drop Line

Now comes the actual deep sea fishing. Stay calm as your vessel drifts to a stop. Captain Josh will tell you what to do, offering any special information or preparations you might need to undertake.

You won’t have to wait long to cast your first line of the day. “The Renegade” is powered by four 300HP four-stroke engines to get you to even the farthest fishing grounds as fast as possible!

If you drop your line too early, it may get tangled in the propeller. Or you’ll just need to reset, anyway. Take a moment and appreciate the calm waters, then drop your lure!

While you’re waiting is a good time to bait your hook. If you’re using live bait like sardines or minnows, make sure to leave them in the handwell until you’re ready to cast your line.

Small fish like small bluefish or mackerel work well for catching tuna, which Venica, LA is well-known for! They don’t call it ‘Tuna Town’ for nothing!

If you’re using live bait like squid or octopus, you won’t need to change your lure until it’s all gone. If you’re using live fish, try to feel the tug at the end of your line. You want your bait to be active and lively, for best results.

Lures will work for catching tuna, as well. Tuna feathers and plastic skirted trolling lures are good for snagging Yellowfin Tuna, which are prevalent in Venice. Cedar and rapala-type plugs work well, as well.

Returning To Land

At the end of the day, you’ll return to Cypress Grove Marina where you departed from. The crew will weight the day’s catch to determine the winner of the jackpot. You’ll likely want to grab a few photos and document your prize catches of the day.

Returning to the pier is a fun, celebratory time. You’ll likely have bonded with your fellow passengers and will have a feeling of camaraderie. You might even make a new friend for life while you’re on the waves!

The one thing you can rest assured about expecting on your deep sea fishing charter boat is you’ll want to do it again as soon as possible!

There is a peacefulness and exhilaration when you lose sight of the shoreline. There is also the sharp spike of adrenaline when you get a strike on your line. Deep sea fishing offers something for every sailor.

Ready For Deep Sea Adventure?

Getting away from it all can give you a whole new lease on life. Come sail with Captain Josh Bodenheimer and experience the finest fishing that Venice, LA has to offer. Captain Josh and his crew take care of everything, so you’ll get to experience the peaceful excitement of fishing Tuna Town!

See our charter boat availability and schedule your deep sea fishing adventure today! Spots can fill up fast, so make sure to make your reservations early!